inventory control software development

Inventory Control Software Development

We are a trustworthy Inventory Control Software Development Service Provider. The Inventory Control Software Development includes a host of features such as auto deducting quantity as soon as an Invoice is made, auto sending a reorder email to the designated person when the stock goes below the specified reorder level, option to make note of quantity received in purchase, order associate products with other modules for a better management. Other features are :

  • Import product details from other applications
  • Customize product fields as per your organization's requirements
  • Attach product-specific product Manuals, such as pdf brochures, Word / Excel jpeg Images etc. and send them by email in one click. Upload product images for easy identification, Option to embed product Image in Invoice.
  • Track outstanding invoices from the Invoices list view
  • Update subtotal, taxes, adjustments, and grand total amounts automatically
  • Get display of Actual Physical Stock while creating Quotations and Invoices
  • Procure products from the selected vendors list
  • Associate trouble tickets and Knowledge Base with products
  • Avoid duplicate work by dynamically displaying the Billing and Shipping addresses of the prospect while creating orders
  • Export product details to spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice, etc. for further analysis
  • Create Rate Lists as per customer segment and associate products with the Rate Lists additional fields can be customized as per your organization's requirements

This Inventory Control Software CRM provides a Products Management module to capture and use product information, including pricing, so that your sales team and other staff can apply this information in their sales, marketing, support and other customer related activities.

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