sales automation software development

Sales Automation Software Development

We are a reliable Sales Automation Software Development Company in Maharashtra. The Sales Automation Software Development Package includes the following modules and additional fields can be customized as per your organization's requirements.

Calendar : It can add activities like to dos, meetings, demonstrations, phone calls scope and typical workflow. A operator or receptionist can take the incoming call and assign the activity to any user opted to send a notification and an email will be sent to the user informing about the activity scheduled and can send & invite or inform their respective managers about the activity. Auto reminder feature is inbuilt in the tool.

E-mail : Integrate your existing e-mail account into the CRM. We offer you a value added feature free of integrating your letterhead design in to your e-mail template so when you send an e-mail to your client it shows up on your letter head in html format, also additional email templates can be configured with mail merge feature.

Mass e-mail feature : To send emails to a group in one click

Leads : Categorize and filter buy or sell leads option is integrated (suits real estate agents and developers). You can manage, import and export your leads data with ease in excel .csv format with detailed information. You can create filters to mange hot/warm/cold/junk leads.

SMS Feature : It is used to send SMS to your customers from the tool that can record and keep data of the SMS you have sent. (Imp) SMSs need to be purchased at an additional cost. Other features include add description, comment, map the products your lead is interested in. You can also check activity history you had with the lead (calls/to-do/meetings etc.). Feature to manage and filter if the lead is buying or selling type (suitable for traders) is also available.

Campaigns : Management of campaigns is also possible. It is used to create and analyze campaign activity, calculate cost of campaign and return of investment received from a particular campaign. Example- check budget cost: (Rs.) versus actual cost: (Rs.) expected sales count versus actual sales count, expected roi: (Rs.) versus actual roi: (Rs.) etc.

Opportunity : Convert lead to opportunity and follow up with your opportunity through the different sales stages, send quotations from the tool attached pdf / images or .ppt presentation files with your quotation. Follow up with your opportunity through the different sales stages.

Contacts : Maintain all your contacts in one place with feature of adding details about the contact reports to and / or who his assistant is with his assistant phone no., ability to use the calendar feature seamlessly with the contacts module. See your activity history in the contacts; maintain your contacts’ birthdays etc.

Documents : Manage and upload all types of documents (word/pdf/excel / zipped etc. attach them to your emails and send them with your emails).

Products : Manage product cost, quantity in stock, reorder level (auto email sent by the software to the designated handler informing about the quantity of stock has approached the reorder level.), configure tax so that it is auto calculated and populates in the quotations and invoices, Option to upload a product image for reference.

Services : Create services if you have to charge your customers for installation / support / training / brokerage etc. Add it to your quotation if your business requires you to charge installation or any other charge separately or a standalone charge.

Quotations : Create quotations and get it in pdf formats, create sales order or invoice in 1 click from quotations (we will help you in designing and configuring the pdf -1 time free), feature to view actual balance stock available when creating a quotation. The tool auto calculates the tax/vat and shows in the quotation pdf separately. Option to deduct advance / adjustments is integrated. Feature to categorize quote stage for easy follow up of sales (Option to embed product image in quotation.)

Sales order : Can be relabeled as Delivery Challan and get the shipping mode and transporters details in the pdf and can be created in 1 click from quotes module.

Invoices : Create invoices in 1 click for quotes and keep a track of paid and unpaid invoices on dashboard with details of who is handling the said account, pre-designed templates in e mails to send payment requests for unpaid invoice in 1 click (Option to embed product image in invoice.).

Access control : Grant rights for each user as per role / profile and grant access to view/edit/delete specific data, view audit trail of who has done what changes to your data and when.

Reports and Analysis : Get detailed reports and data in excel format, download or email the same. It works out to be a complete management information system (MIS) that can help you implement changes when you need it and where you need it to increase your profits & reduce your losses.

By accessing our Sales Automation Software Development services you agree to the terms and conditions laid down in the TOS page of this website. Delivered and Configured On the Web via Internet, we provide Web Interactive Meetings, Demonstrations and Training.

Package Charges : Rs.475/= per user per month (limited time offer)

Request for the Sales Automation Software demo and we will send you a link to join an online meeting where we will understand your needs and explain how we can customize the CRM tool to suit your business requirements. You will be viewing our screen where we will explain the details in a live interactive environment; you will be connected to audio using your computer's microphone and speakers (VoIP). A headset is recommended. We have live chat software (with VoIP) in place for instant support during standard office hours on business days and a help-desk ticketing system to support you after normal business hours

The next module consists of this sales package plus the inventory package so if you need the inventory as well, please go through the modules and features available in the next package.

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